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How To Get Started With My Paying Tree

Step wise Procedure


Register An Account

To become an official member of My Paying Tree, you must complete the registration process. In order to register yourself as a member of My Paying Tree, click on the "Register" button on homepage, after which you will be taken to the page with the simple registration form. Fill in the details as required, and complete the process.

Activation of Your Account:
After registration Process complete, you will receive one mail from My Paying Tree with Activation Link. Just Click on the link to activate your account.
Updating Your Account Activity:

After complete successful registration, Sign in into your account by using your user name, password and simple captcha.
After Logged in, now click on the tab “Account Activity
Step 1: Go to Profile and update your Profile picture, Account Details, Personal Details, enter simple captcha and Click Submit.
Step 2: Go to Security and Change Security Details, enter Security Question, New Answer, Confirm New Answer and Click Submit.

How To Purchage Adpacks

After Updating Profile and Security Details, Next need to Purchase Ad-packs.
Two procedures are there to Purchase ad pack.
Now click on the tab “Finance” go to “Purchase Position
Click Directly PURCHASE ADPACKS on Member Dashboard

The Both operations will take to you to same page of Revenue Share Plans.

To know the Complete Plan Details please Click Here.

And Click on Purchase".

After Clicking on Purchase It will take to you “Purchase Revenue Sharing Plan” page as below.

Enter the required details and click on “Pay Now”.

Depending on the processor it will take to you to payment gateway and Complete Transaction.

Ad Pack Earnings

After Completing Payment you will get one transaction successful message.

After that click on “Dashboard” which is at Top Right Corner it will take to “Member Dashboard”.

In Dash Board you can see the Details of “Plan Earnings”, Plan Name, Active Ad Pack, Expired Ad Pack and Total Ad Pack Earnings.

How to get Earnings: “Surfing is Earning”

Now your Ad packs will start earning. To keep your Ad packs earning rolling you need to surf 15 ads every 24 hours.
Look at the below image. Surf Free Mode When it says “You Are On!”, that means you’ve successfully surfed 15 ads.
When it says “You Are Yet To Surf 15 Ads Today!”, it means now you have to surf 15 ads.
Before Surfing
After Surfing

Check your Earnings in “Financial Information

When you click on “View All” you can see balances processor wise.

Request Withdrawal

Two procedures are there to Request Withdrawal.

Now click on the tab “Finance” go to “Request Withdrawal

Click Directly “Request Withdrawal” on Member Dashboard

The Both operations will take to you to same page of “Request Withdrawal” .

After submitting it will take to Security checking page:

After Click on submit Button it will give one notification of “Withdrawal Requested Successfully”.

You can check Every Withdrawal Request and its payment status in “Withdrawal History”.

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